Our Story


Diamond Ridge Dentistry began as a great adventure in 1991 when Dr. Nathalie Tungesvik bought Dr. Cross's dental office as he passed into retirement. Fresh out of dental school, Dr. Tungesvik started with little more than her training and a tenacious commitment to helping those patients that entrusted their dental care to her. Her commitment to excellence quickly grew the practice to the point that a move was necessary to accommodate her patients. The practice moved to Diamond Ridge in 1998 and has continued to grow since that time. In addition to treating patients for their dental health, restorative and cosmetic needs, Dr. Tungesvik has had a long-standing interest in Invisalign and sleep apnea treatment with dental appliances. With the addition of two highly qualified dentists, Dr. Mollie in 2012 and Dr. Elana in 2016, she has been able to concentrate more on these endeavors allowing her to develop an expertise in these fields.

These three practitioners now compose a highly integrated dental practice committed to continuing the legacy of excellent dental care started 30 years ago.


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994 Diamond Ridge #200
Jefferson City, MO 65109