Meet Dr. Nathalie Tungesvik

I absolutely love my job! I loved it over 30 years ago on my very first day and I still love it today. What I truly love the most about being a dentist is the opportunity I have been given to transform peoples’ lives and put a genuine smile on their face. It is not really a job; it is a passion for using my God-given gifts and skills in serving our friends with what they deserve or need from the wide variety of services that we provide for our patients.

Education and Continuing Education

Life is about learning, and that is my passion! I attended the University of Iowa College of Dentistry, where I earned my Doctorate of Dental Surgery.

I strive to be on the edge of my seat to learn all I can in order to provide the best possible dental care to my patients, and ensure they may have a healthy smile to last a lifetime. Invisalign® has given me the opportunity to offer comprehensive dental care to my patients. I have found that continuing my education is the glue that holds the puzzle together in creating the healthiest possible smile for my patients. 

Dr. Nathalie Tungesvik is a certified Invisalign Provider and one of the nation’s top Platinum Providers.

Since becoming an Invisalign provider in 2003, I have developed a passion for how orthodontic treatment can treat malocclusion, improve function, and create confident smiles. I've had the honor of being published in the Invisalign Case Gallery publication several times and have been recognized by Invisalign as a Platinum Provider placing me in the top 5% in the country of cases treated.

Dr. Tungesvik is a graduate of The Kois Center.

Starting in 2012 I attended a postgraduate training center in Seattle, where I completed a series of nine in-depth courses (nearly 300 hours total) that comprehensively dealt with all aspects of oral conditions. You will be diagnosed and treated with up-to-date protocols, which are constantly being updated (via my relationship with Kois Center as new research emerges).

Member of American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

As a diplopmate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, Dr. Tungesvik is qualified in dental sleep medice using oral appliance therapy to treat sleep disordered breathing including snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. 

Outside the Office

My husband Mark is a medical oncologist in Columbia, MO. We have three children and are now blessed with grandchildren. Nana may be my favorite title yet! We love traveling, playing golf, skiing, hiking, and biking together. We also lead a small group through our church. My favorite charities include The Little Theatre, Vitae Foundation, United Way, Young Life, Love Inc, as well as Coyote Hill Christian Children's Home.

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